This is an example of emcee script which is super easy to be made. I've got some feedback to post this so, here you go :)


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, a very good morning.

Honourable .......
Respectable all lecturers of faculty members
Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to ....... (Event) under the theme ...


First of all let us thank onto our God because of His mercies and blessings so we can gather in such beautiful occasion this morning, .......... (Event) , ...... May 2018 (Day, Date)  

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me ..... (Name) as your emcee for today to read our agenda.
First Opening
Followed by singing national anthem Indonesia Raya
And then Speech as well as to officially open the ... (Event)
Fourth is presentation
Lunch Break
And the last, closing


Ladies and Gentlemen our next agenda is singing national anthem Indonesia Raya, you are kindly requested to stand up. Thank You
You may have a seat, thank you

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to start the next agenda that is speech. 
The first speech will be delivered by the chairman of the committee of the .... (Event)
I would like to invite Mr / Ms ... to deliver your speech.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... 

Thank you Mr/Ms ..
The next speech will be delivered by Rector, as well as officially open the ... (Event)
Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me in welcoming Mr/Ms...... 

Thank you Mr/Ms......
We are going to start our agenda for today. Seminar on ... and I would like to invite our moderator, Mr/Ms .. to the stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's already 11 am and it's time for us having lunch together. I would like to inform you that our lunch break is from 11 - 1 pm. It will be a great pleasure to have you return to this room on time. Please enjoy your lunch. 


Finally we have finished the agenda of ......(Event)

On behalf of the committee, I would like to extend our gratitude to all of you in making this event a success. I wish you have a pleasant day.


Important :
•Be confident, your voice will be heard all over the place and not get shaky at the very first is really important for the rest hours. 
•Reading general order of proceedings in the event like what the first is, second, third, and etc.
•Informing all parties when they'll take a break for a tea break, lunch, prayer and how long the break will last.
•Stay focus with all of agenda, sometimes there will be changes so be prepared for any incidental event.
•Look at the audience and smile. Don't look at your emcee script all the time. Making eye contact like you're talking to them is really matter.

Thank you for reading, see you !



•feature image by unsplash