International Relations studies

“To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” ― Lao Tzu


Hi, lemme tell you first about a story before i explain the reason why i choose to be part of International Relations major in college. 

Well, I was a natural science student in high school who had no idea to continue my education in social science. Since I was kid I always wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut (a kid dream though hhaha).. But after a while, my family introduced me to International Relations (IR) due to someone close to us has sister who studied that major before and they thought its gonna be great to learn about it. 

Then I finally decided to choose IR as my major. Through the short course for about weeks I tried to learn about social science matters deeper. Certainly i had to learn more if i wanna pass the national test to be accepted in that major cause the passing grade was high at that time. 

Let's talk about the reason why, actually there were some reasons when my decision was made to choose IR, I will mention it here with the bullet •••
  • Firstly, when they introduced me to IR then I Google immediately to find out what kind of major it is. I found it so interesting that a lot of subjects will be taught in the class of IR. They're such Law, Economy, History, Diplomacy, Countries, Politics, Social Change, Public Policy and many others which attracted me to choose IR.​
  • Second reason ➽ was because I wanted to learn as many as languages that I could choose in my subject list. Unfortunately, the language subjects already declined by that time :') So its suggested to register in University Language Center if we wanted to have language classes. But many universities have language subjects still, so you can find first which university that offer language subjects other than English ^^
  • Third, I wanted to be a delegate of Indonesia someday. I learned students of IR who could go abroad to explore what they've learnt and gained more outside the university. I really wanted to do the same, and yeaaa i got chance to go to some countries such as Malaysia and South Korea to be the delegate of Indonesia :D I will post this experience in another post.
  • Being a Diplomat was always be the reason why for IR. As a newbie, I wanted to be a Diplomat of Indonesia to dedicate my work on behalf of my country, to help people, travel around and explore much more about this world. If I may say, learning IR was really something I could've thank for in my life and I do LOVE to be an International Relations student. 

As the last words, I'm gonna post about IR student life in the next post by the way, and Thank You for reading this, see you!



feature image by unsplash