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Sabtu, 01 Februari 2020


Februari 01, 2020 2 Comments

Assalamualaikum 🌸🌸🌸

Hows your day going ? Well, its almost the end of the first month in 2020. I would say that I have a lot to be grateful for. What about you ? I hope you have all the happiness you wish to be real.. 

Lets say one of my happy list to be grateful is these Korean skincare products from a brand called Real Barrier. Ive got the limited edition one. 

Its been a week since I tried this Real Barrier series. But I cant wait to tell you my experience so far. 😚

Aaah, before I tell you about it. Have you heard about the brand or have you tried some of the products? Please let me know if you have tried this please 😊

Well, if you read some of my beauty post you may know that I have super sensitive skin. I dont remember since when, its like not only my face but also all my body's skin gets easily irritated and so on. 

Then Im so excited when I know this Real Barrier brand puts their concern about sensitive skin. Okaaay lets check their brand story first 👇

Real Barrier Brand Story 

Real Barrier, an advanced skincare for adults originated from ATOPALM, the first human skin barrier formula skincare brand.

The rapidly changing environment is shoving us into the harmful environment, which damages our skin barrier. A weakened skin barrier that has lost its intrinsic ability to protect the skin sensitively reacts to harmful external elements, causing moisture loss inside the skin and damages to the skin. “Atopalm Real Barrier” recreates a healthy skin barrier with the MLE Skin Barrier Formula and will protect your skin that has turned dry and sensitive because of a weakened skin barrier.

Therefore Real Barrier is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin types, but with a twist: it features hyaluronic acid and patented dual ceramides in addition to MLE. These two extra ingredients go a long way toward hydrating and comforting skin.

The brand says that most of Korean women feel that they have sensitive skin. Due to various reasons such as pollutions, temperature changes and stresses, etc., and the living environment drive us to become more sensitive. 

According to skin professionals, skin barrier plays vital role for the skin health. Once the skin barrier get damaged, skin easily become sensitive and problematic. Therefore, all these skin experts agree that normalizing the skin barrier function is the most important thing for the skin health.

I think they believe that not only Korean women who have sensitive skin problem  but also this sensitive skin belongs to other people outside Korea. Just like me 😶, mmm but dont get me wrong, i dont want to complain about my skin anyway. I just wanna show about my skin condition that is special to me.

Full Step Skin Barrier Tightening Routine 

1. Cleansing Oil Balm - 100 gr 
2. Cream Cleansing Foam - 150 gr
3. Extreme Essence Toner - 190 ml
4. Aqua Soothing Ampoule - 20 ml
5. Extreme Cream - 50 ml

As the limited edition one, I got two cute things from Real Barrier. A glass cup and a coin bank. They're so cute and useful. 

Its blackberry and strawberry cheese cake ice cream, if you want to know hehe yummmy 🍨 Thanks a ton Style Korean Global and Real Barrier. Im loving it 

Anyway I started to use each product one by one, in a separate time. So that Im able to know my skin reaction toward them.

Cleansing Oil Balm 

It is the first skincare step to clean my face,  and the first time I open it I can smell the citrus fragrance. I thought it will be sour to my skin, ahaha i mean it will give me tingling sensation or even burning the skin. Fortunately it is not. 🤩

This balm comes in a white thick texture and it glides easily on the skin. But I think I cant use any cotton to wipe it, cause its little bit hard to do. Im just uncomfortable. So i go to the next step that is either cleansing with micellar water or washing my face with the cleansing foam right away.

Actually I have good impression for this balm to remove my light makeup or my bareface after sleeping, but i havent tried this on a heavy makeup yet. Later I will give an update again. 

Cream Cleansing Foam

Right after the first step of cleansing my face with the balm, I use cream cleansing foam as the next step. Before I try this Real barrier products, i still use my micellar water after cleansing balm. But in order to know this cleansing foam better, i dont use anything in between. 

I can tell that the citrus fragrance is kind of the signature fragrance of this Real Barrier products. This cleansing foam also has it and its stronger than the other produtcs. So it makes me feel so fresh and clean and it smells lovely by the way. I love the smell so much, i dont know that i will love this kind of smell. Cause im a sweet candy flowery smell lover.

Though it is a cleansing foam, but its not so foamy. As the first time to try new products i have my own imagination of the products will be, so for this foam i assumed that it will make a lot of foam and it will dry my skin. 

Aaaand it turns to work well on my skin, no drying at all. I feel like oh really it is not as i thought cause it leaves my skin so smooth when i wash my face. Im happy lalalalalala 😚 and then suddenly I remember that the citrus aroma just like a healthy orange drink. 🍊🍊🍊

Extreme Essence Toner 

Sounds not usual, and it makes me curious more about this one. So honestly the first thing i tried from the series is this unusual name toner. 

I thought it will have more tingling sensation to my skin, im hesitant at first. But so eager to try.

Well if you have sensitive skin like me that easily breaking out after trying new products or if you ever having the burnt feeling. You will get me, its not that easy to decide to try. And i always pray that it wont hurt my skin or breaking me out. But the good thing is you will know the result instantly. No need to wait longer.

Next, this toner has light texture but thicker than other toner ive tried and that citrusy  smell is in there for sure. Though its thick, but it absorbs faster than i think. This toner also gives me hydration through the night and my skin looks glowing. I love it.

Aqua Soothing Ampoule 

This is the cutest size among others hehe. I mean the size is smaller and contain only 20 ml. But I love the unique package, well before I use the ampoule this needs to be rotated and it has to be pumped and then I need to open it and pump again to drop the ampoule onto my face. Its little bit long step to use but you know its just fun to do something different.

Surprisingly, it has no strong smell like the others I mentioned before. the citrus smell and the signature smell seems to fade. Im curious why is that.. it smells lil bit like medicine or something else in the hospital or laboratory, but its not annoying. Im an imaginative person anyway, just bear with me hihi and by the way its consistency and the color is super thick -in white color.

Okay I use it after I apply the toner. Fyi I always use another product after toner when the toner is still wet on my skin, i dont know but i feel its better to do this way.

After applying toner and the ampoule i can see my skin healthily glow. So happy 🤩

I apply this only at night cause I want to know the results in the morning, and it works well. No breaking out, my skin feels hydrated and moisturized so far. It leaves no heavy feeling at all. But I think 20 ml is not enough for a skincare routine if I use it daily.

Extreme Cream 

The extreme cream has cute packaging since its the limited edition one. Ehm ehm, so thankful that I have this cute limited edition cause you know something cute is a thing i cant resist. Hehe

The texture is super thick, its thicker than any cream Ive ever tried. It doesnt smell like citrus or the signature herbal fragrance, its plain. No fragrance, and its just a thick texture cream in white.

For me this cream is not so creamy, and its not a dewy skintype finish, but its more to a real skin barrier cream ? and when i touch the cream, I feel like its a thick balmy cream. 

Wrap Up

After all of everything I tell you, Real Barrier is indeed great for sensitive skin cause it has NO :

    Propylene Glycol
    Mineral Oil
    Artificial Fragrances
    Artificial Pigments

MLE skin barrier formula 

It has Bio identical maltese formula that heals and protects the skin deep down, they named it MLE and you can see the symbol in every product. This MLE recreates real skin barrier. 

Atopalm’s patented MLE® Skin Barrier Formula reinforces the skin barrier for long-lasting moisture that lasts for up to 48 hours. Skin instantly feels hydrated and calmer thanks to a combination of panthenol, madecassoside and allantoin. It will leave your skin with a lit-from-within glow.

Calming Complex 

Panthenol : Calming and protecting

Allantoin : Soothing and Protecting

Madecassoside : Soothing and Revitalizing

Aroma Healing

Vetiver,  Lavender and Orange. 

Thats why the smell of the product is all citrusy, cause it has the orange aroma. I thought it has herbal aroma too like ginger or some spices. It turns out that it has vetiver and lavender. No wonder why hehe. I love this unique smell btw. 

Well thats all my experience in a week of trying Real Barrier, for now im going to continue to use it as i want to see the long term results. I will update more if I have something else to say.  Actually I will post every products review in a different blog post. So i will talk about each of them in separate review. Wait for me to try these longer okaaaay 

And ya, if you have dry or sensitive skin like me, you should give it a try. Since i dont feel any bad effect of using this one. Im not telling you this because i got these products, but thats my sincerity. So far I never post a blog of products that I dont love. 

If you want to have this series, go check this link to  Real Barrier Products [ you can purchase them through Style Korean website ] 💙💙💙


Thank youu so much for reading, hope you will find something helpful.